Mechanism of action

Active substance of the herbicide SALSA® - ethametsulfuron-methyl - belongs to the class of sulfonylureas (ALS inhibitors). Germicide is highly selective in relation to plants of rape and sunflower, has a systemic action, quickly penetrates the weeds. Able to show both leaf and soil partial activity (in case of rainfall after application). Active in both warm and cold conditions (+5 °C) and can be used in the autumn (on crops of winter rape) and spring. After treatment with the SALSA® sensitive weeds stop growing and stop competing with crops for nutrients, water and light. Visible symptoms of herbicide action appear in 7-10 days in the form of cessation of growth, yellowing, chlorosis and necrosis of leaves. The destruction of weeds occurs within 15 days (depending on climatic conditions, application rates and stage of weeds development at time of spraying).


Application regulations

Crop Germicide consumption rate, g/ha Harmful object Way, time, characteristics of germicide use
Rape 15-25 g/ha +150 ml/ha surfactant Trend 90 Annual and perennial eudicot weeds Spraying of crops in the early phases of weed growth
Active substance Ethametsulfuron-methyl 750 g/kg
Preparative form Wettable powder
Crop Rape
Pack size 0,15 kg