Plant height 110 cm
Yield value 7000 kg/ha
Yield potential Very high
Ripeness Middle-early
Vegetation period: 130 days
Plant form Conical, assembled structure
Unique feature Ability to develop a large number of bolls per 1 plant
Resistance to lack of moisture and drought High
Resistance to wilting High
Boll position Bolls are located too close to stem. High suitability for machine harvest.
Boll size Bolls are of medium size and average weight of 1 box is 5-6 g. Boll is located at high angle . Upper box are also exposed to full disclosure.
Coefficient of purification of raw cotton 42 - 43%
Number of seeds per 1 kg about 10000 seeds
Fiber structure Quality and bright fibers
Length of fiber 30 -30,5 mm
Thickness of fiber 4-4,1 micron
Durability of fiber 33 g/tex