Bumper harvest is one step closer

Bumper harvest is one step closer

Good harvest

The goal of any Farmer is getting a good harvest of high quality. To date to achieve this result, Agronomists have a wide range of various resources.

These include modern Plants Protection Products that are able to effectively control harmful objects on the field, without having a negative impact on crops.

Seeds of hybrids and breeds and another effective way to record crop – "VALAGRO" fertilizers and biostimulants.

The AlemAgro company is proud to present another effective way to record crop – "VALAGRO" fertilizers and biostimulants.

Designed in the most modern laboratories that have passed numerous tests around the world, and manufactured with the strictest quality control – "VALAGRO" fertilizers are recognized leaders in the field of plant nutrition.

You can choose a number of effective germicides, capable to solve any problem and control the nutrition of plants during all phases of the growing season.

Effective dressings can quickly correct the deficiency of macro and microelements.

Improvement of the growth process

Biostimulants based on extracts from marine algae easily allow You to significantly improve vegetative growth and development, blossoming and fruit formation, ripening and fruit coloring. Safe for plants and humans, "VALAGRO" fertilizers are convenient and practical to use. The advantages include rapid and complete solubility, mutual miscibility and compatibility with all pesticides.

№ 1 fertilizer

Due to its efficiency, “Valagro” fertilizers have quickly become popular and now these fertilizers are № 1 in Kazakhstan.